About Dava.

DAVA Agricultural Company is a pioneer in the agricultural business

Owned by the Al Batal Family. Covering an area of  85 hectares Of Glass Hydroponic Greenhouses. Located in  the center of the Saudi Arabia Kingdom, Al-Kharj Region.

The DAVA project covers more than 85 hectares, spans 5 high-tech greenhouse projects: Dava A, Dava B, Dava C, Dava D, DavaH.

DAVA  A green house project is planned to start production by the first of May 2022 (30 tons of daily production). In an advanced stage  the 4 other GH will be ready harvest gradually over the end of 2022.

Our Hydroponics system is designed to grow premium produce in different areas that until now, are considered barren.

We offer stable, long-term supplies to our customers.
Our costs are stable because the produce is not affected by the vagaries of the tough weather, and we sell directly to supermarkets and green rovers.


I am excited to collect the results of the company’s rapid growth of this agricultural business. The  expansion of these greenhouse complexes is a necessary step to create high quality jobs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, just to achieve the goal of vision 2030.

Mr. Faisal Al Batal – CEO Dava Company

We are The Largest Horticultural Investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ever.

More Than 130 Tons  Daily Production

High Quality Produce All Year Round, In Any Climate!

Our Values

Greenhouse vegetable products with superior flavor, the highest quality and freshness, delivered through Creative branding & packaging.

With a commitment to research and development, we consistently make significant investments in state-of-the-art robotics and technology to efficiently deliver innovative products and packaging.

People are our most important asset, and we go out of our way to hire exceptional talents.

One of our strategic pillars is to build a passionate team. We are a team of respectful, dedicated professionals driven to succeed through a genuine passion for our company and its work culture.

Dedicated to operational excellence with a commitment to continuous improvements of methods to increase productivity, reduce waste, and deliver products efficiently with the highest food safety standards in the industry.

As a family company, we surround ourselves with a team of resilient customers,  and suppliers that support the community, our industry, and the overall mission of the organization.

We are all “Partners in Produce.”

Our Vision

  • We will overcome all obstacles and compete with major companies that have extensive experiences in this field and to surpass them in terms of creativity, marketing method, and customer service.
  • Dava will Close The market Gap of imported vegetables.
  • Our project aims at improving food quality and security in addition to accomplishing sustainability.
  • We will lead the Middle East into the next generation of sustainable agriculture.
  • DAVA Company is dedicated to being socially responsible of the community and remain committed to charitable work that raises the spirit of people and furthers the goal of promoting healthy eating.
  • Take the vegetables marketing to a whole new different level.
High-Tech Hydroponics Agriculture
  • Ideal growing environment for vegetables.
  • Growing anywhere. No need  for a fertile ground.
  • Water can be reused, so hydroponics systems require up to 90 times less water than soil-based gardening.
  • Reduces nutrient leaching into the environment (and you save money).
  • Fully Integrated Pest Management.
  • Hydroponics systems need 80% less space for growing.
  • Complete control over nutrient balance – Superior flavor crops.
  • Less labor, hard tasks such as harvesting, tilling, cultivating, fumigation and mulching are not required for hydroponic growing.
  • Growing year-round; season isn’t a problem.
  • Fully Climate control systems.
  • Crops grow faster in a hydroponic culture than in a soil based growing medium.
  • Significantly higher yields.
Integrated Pest Management
While we do have computer-controlled irrigation and temperature,
Mother Nature is still active in DAVA greenhouse ecosystem,
Bees fly around to pollinate the plants.

As a substitute of pesticides, we use a program called Integrated Pest Management where ‘good bugs’ (such as ladybugs) prey on ‘bad bugs.

Not only we use 80% less space for growing and 90 times less water than traditional farming ways, but also, we sterilize and re-circulate our runoff water.

Food Safety Responsibility
Food safety is a key component of our operation.

We are committed to establishing, implementing, and maintaining our core food safety values throughout our supply chain to create a hygienic and safe environment for our produce.

Our robust food safety program is reinforced by our compliance with:

Saudi Good Agricultural Practices (Saudi GAP)


ISO 9001:2022 (quality management system) – Under Proccess

ISO 22000:2022(food Safety Management System) – Under Proccess

With state-of-the-art, and in some cases, proprietary technology in our facilities, we are able to increase food safety, while reducing cost and travel miles.

DAVA team is  highly trained and competent. The team oversee our core food safety programs:

  • Hygiene & Sanitation Program.
  • Environmental Monitoring Program.
  • Agricultural Water Testing Program.
  • ATP Testing Program.
  • Employee Training Program.
Year-Round Produce
Our produce is pesticide free. Our vegetables look fantastic and smell fresh, not as any other harvest grown in the middle of the desert.

Our vegetables are harvested daily, and they taste delicious.
Because we grow our harvest in a controlled climate environment, vegetables are not affected by weather.

We Cover all Over Saudi Arabia.

Our fleet of trucks are all guaranteed to be refrigerated to a cool 11°C maintaining the freshness of our produce on its way to you.

The Future of Dava
Our target in the coming years is to impose our presence as an international high-quality agricultural company with variable production using a variety of techniques.

We look forward to contributing to pushing the wheel of the Saudi economy to  inline the Vision 2030.